Inspirational breakfast: Neurobiology of mind and body in the workplace

Too little of how stress is perceived and interpreted by our brains-mind is understood by leaders, HR or professionals, the personal and employer’s cost is high. Gwen’s career took an abrupt stop in 2015 due to a second “exhaustion” as a result of a tough psychosocial working environment in combination with personal life circumstance.  She took a break in her career and decided to focus 100 % on rebuilding her health & wellbeing. Key goal was to avoid this from happening again so she needed knowledge on mind-body functioning.

It is now Gwen’s mission to give professionals, leaders and HR some insights and knowledge into the “why, how and what” of stress and people’s primary needs to feel safe and belong in cognitive diverse working environment. During this inspiration talk Gwen will share her exhaustion & recovery story and explain:

•    why & how we cope badly with too much stress and lack of recharging
•    how “a physical office change situation presented by leaders to employees” is processed in our brain by “NLP”
•    how trust – distrust changes reality by our brains reacting positively or negatively to internal & external stimuli during conversations
•    how our brain evokes different arousal & pleasantness levels as a reaction to activities of professionals, leaders or HR
•    why emotional and intercultural intelligence in cognitive diverse work places is essential for creativity & wellbeing



Gwen Murray
Gwen was born in Belgium, lived 20 years in Germany and is since 1997 a permanent resident in Sweden.  Her multilingual international background allowed her to gather plus 15 years of international HR leadership experience in both American and Swedish start-ups, growth and mature business organizations.


Time and place

When: 6th september 2018
Where: Martela office at Torsgatan 13 Stockholm

Presentation starts at 8:15. Breakfast serves from 7:45 The presentation will be held in English.


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