Inspirational breakfast: Digitalization is changing the way we work, but can it be empathic?

Empathic Building is a digital service that focuses on improving employee well-being & happiness. It creates the digital copy of your work environment where you can show data to end-users that normally are invisible.

Service provides all the necessary tools for developing human-centric workspace design: It gives an instant view on, not only the physical space and supporting technology within, but also work content and issues affecting work culture.

It helps in bridging the gap between building utilization and employee satisfaction – with the selected KPI’s and data to prove it. This in turn accelerates the transformation from traditional office-based activity towards intuitive, agile and efficient activity-based working.

Empathic Building together with Martelas Lifecycle are part of the Martela's My Dynamic Office concept.

Join the seminar and meet Tomi Teikko, heart of Tieto Empathic Building, who will reveal practical examples how companies like Fortum have changed their ways of working and how digital dimension is supported that change.





Tomi Teikko
Hearth of Empathic Building at Tieto, tells how empathic buildings create employee wellbeing. Tomi will also reveal you how humans as IoT sensors will change traditional building maintenance business models.

Tomi has also been working as an event producer and music publisher entrepreneur since 1992.


Time  & place

When: 13th of September, 2018
Time: 8:15 - 9:15
Where: at Martela AB Torsgatan 13 in Stockholm

Presentation starts at 8:15. Breakfast serves from 7:45 The presentation will be held in English.



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